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Stained Glass Window

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The original window hand drawn with spirograph
The spirograph window with a digital stars filter applied

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The Spirograph Stained Glass Window

You can order posters, cards and much more of my window from:

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The story about the window

You can see how I created the window in the video to the left,
if you like it, please subscribe to my youtube channel :)

A colourful lovely stained glass window that I created…. Simply because!
You know, it's funny... sometimes the creation of something is more beautiful than the final thing, and this is exactly how I feel about the Spirograph Stained glass window... I literally did it because I wanted to cheer up with lots of colours!
Although the final piece is very nice, I prefer to watch the creation of it... it reminds me of how happy I was when doing it :)

The spirograph tool

I have received lots of questions regarding which spirograph tools I use. I use an original old spirograph, which is sadly not in production anymore.
However, I had a look around and if I would buy a new one, I think this newly produced one by Kahootz would be the most similar:
Amazon.com: Spirograph by Kahootz
Amazon.co.uk: Spirograph by Kahootz
Amazon.ca: Spirograph by Kahootz
Amazon.de: Spirograph by Kahootz

More of my spirograph art:

Spirograph World Map - this is my biggest spirograph project so far; a world map created out of spirographs! Please have a look at it and the time lapse video of how I created the map, I am very proud of it :)

Spirograph Owl - My lovely owl :)

Abstract Spirograph Art - these were the ones I started with; colourful circles arranged in different patterns

Spirograph Animals - the owl of course :) along with my penguin and circus seal!

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