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The John Bird

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The original drawing of the John Bird John, the designer of the John Bird
This is John, he is 7 years old, and loves swimming, Vogue magazine, and drawing.

One day, he drew me a bird, and I was so impressed that I just had to make him...
but to my surprise the next morning, I had not one “John Bird” in my room, but 20!

We decided, as much as we love the birds, they must go to new homes,

I am selling them for 15 euro, and John gets 10% of all profits.

This money he receives goes towards ninja costumes and his college fund (because mum says so!)

If you would like a John bird to join your home, just get in touch!

Handmade stuffed birds - the John birds

Winter coloured John bird
Handmade bird - John Bird

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